I received a delivery notification, but my box was not delivered

It says my package was delivered but it’s not here yet?

If you were notified that your package/order was delivered by USPS or UPS but you cannot find your order:

  1. Contact your nearest USPS  or UPS location either in person or by phone and provide them with your tracking number. (It's possible that your package is stored at your nearest location.)
  2. Contact USPS directly at 1 800 275 8777 and provide them with your tracking number. Or call UPS directly at 1 800 742 5877 and provide them with your tracking number.

Contacting the shipping carrier is the best option to locate your package when tracking states that your package has been delivered.

USPS • 1 (800) 275 8777

UPS • 1 (800) 742 5877

If the shipping carrier states that your package was left at your mailing address (tracking will specify details) then it's possible you may have stolen mail. It’s a bad situation, but it happens.

Lost or Stolen Packages:

If you believe that your package was stolen, we suggest contacting your local authorities.