Mega Box • September • 2.0

Mega Box • September • 2.0

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This month features...
• 10” High Quality Glass WATER PIPE!  
• Metal Grinder  4 Part Metal Grinder
• EXTRA GLASS PIECE Chilum/Hand Pipe/Water Pipe
• LARGE Rolling Tray 11 X 7" Tin Rolling Tray
• Marijuana Leaf Socks If you dont want the socks, trade them out!

Why is this box the #1 box? Our Mega Box is the largest smokers supply box offered! You can expect 15-18 items this month! 

With this box, you can expect to see new items, new brands, and the best of the best when it comes to glass! In the past, we have had glass pieces that retailed for over $130 in our past Mega Boxes!
Our passion is to provide a beautiful and trustworthy glass piece at a price that's affordable! No one deserves to pay hundreds of dollars for a good quality set up or pipe. 
Change the option at the top to replace your socks with a KING PALM or Extra Wraps!
Ships in 1-3 business days

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