• $99.99
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  • Save $50

  • 10” Water Pipe $120 Value
  • 4-5” Glass Hand Pipe $50 Value 
  • Titanium 4 Part 63mm GRINDER $45 VALUE
  • RAW®️ Rolling Papers
  • RAW®️ Rolling Tray $10 Value
  • High Hemp®️ Wraps 
  • Mystery Wrap
  • DANK®️ Rolling Papers
  • Clipper®️ Lighter
  • RAW Cones 3PK
  • ZIG ZAG®️ Cones 3PK (or something similar)
  • Smokebuddy®️  $20 VALUE
  • RAW Filter Tips 50PK
  • King Palm®️ 3PK $10 VALUE
  • 109mm Plastic Tube Case
  • Brass Knuckles®️ Pen Battery $40 VALUE
  • 14mm Quartz Banger $20 Value
  • HUF®️ Socks $20 Value

    *VIP BOX/VIP ITEMS IN IMAGE ABOVE STARTED ON 03/13/2021 at 9:30AM. ANY VIP ORDERS BEFORE 03/13/2021 9:30AM WOULD HAVE RECEIVED THE PREVIOUS VIP BOX WHICH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.   If gift wrapped, promotional/individual item(s) will be placed inside box, should the order be eligible for the promotional offer or additional item purchased. Should main glass piece inside this box sell out, it will be replaced with a similar piece of equal or higher value. Glass comes in assorted colors & color patterns.  Glass hand pipe comes in assorted colors/designs unless specified. Glass comes in assorted colors/color patterns, and may not always be the exact color shown in images/videos. RAW Branded Rolling Trays come in assorted RAW Branded designs. Grinders come in assorted colors/styles/patterns/designs unless specified.